It's EU granted trademark embodying an enabling software and a supply chain solution dedicated to Plastic and Circular Economy.

The trademark identify products compliant to the Circular Economy Principles and Value (REUSE - REDUCE - RECYCLE).

The CERTIFIED CIRCULAR PLASTIC® approach address not only Waste and Recycled materials (i.e. from post consumption plastics), but also the industrial by-products and stock surplus materials (Slow Moving).

Thanks to a proprietary software every material traded in the circuit obtains a UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION CODE describing the entire cycle.

The trademark and the ID code guarantee:

  1. The compliance of the plastic material with the Circular Economy approach (REUSE - REDUCE - RECYCLE) and with the EU Rules (accordingly to the Standard UNI10667).
  2. The tracking of the full life cycle of the materials (e.g. from the waste to the final recycled product on the market shelfs).
  3. The issue of a Environmental Advantage Certificate, reporting the LCA values for every trade on the platform.

The Certified Circular Plastic® traceability system is used by the Certified Recycled Plastic® and Certified Plastic Byproduct programmes.

CERTIFIED CIRCULAR PLASTIC® why the market needs it?

  • EU plastic tax will impact the plastic transformation industry with the goal to shift from prime to certified recycled materials.
  • Circular Economy e Zero Footprint approach will drive many Large Corporation decisions.
  • Technical Sectors (e.g. food and automotive) will move quickly towards certified recycled materials.

CERTIFIED CIRCULAR PLASTIC® operates as a blockchain, uniquely tracing the individual batches of transacted products.

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